M.A.S. Industries, Inc.



For successful completion of your project please have your files created as follows:


Software Supported

Adobe Illustrator (thru CS5)                          QuarkXPress (thru 8.02)

Adobe InDesign (thru CS5)                           Photoshop (thru CS5)

Adobe Acrobat (thru 9)

 (Word, Power Point, and Excel are not acceptable art file formats)


*Hi Res images are required. Rule of thumb is 2x the line screen. Minimum 130 ppi at 100% should cover most instances.

*Include all linked images

*File can be saved at or scale if 100% is too large for CD or emailing.

*Save Photoshop files in layers when possible (unflattened)

*Check that layout is proportionate to size quoted

*If your software is compatible with ours, save file in program created.



Outline all fonts turning them into vector art or convert fonts to outlines

●Include font with art file (Postscript, Truetype, or OpenType)

●To make reverse type readable, avoid using type that is too small or delicate

●When emailing or FTP: Save font into a folder, then stuff to create a self-extracting file (.sit, .sitx, .zip)

●When sending font, it is important that you send both the screen and printer fonts


How to Transfer Files:

1. MAS FTP site – ftp://mail.mas-ind.com

Your CSR can provide you with a user name and password


2. Email  as an attachment (if under 5MB) Send to your CSR or Sales contact or sales@mas-ind.com


3. Send Disk (also if email or FTP upload is unsuccessful)


Design Tips:

□ Avoid small type

□ Allow .25” of bleed at 100% scale beyond the trim size if graphics bleed off

□ Keep graphics/copy away from finishing operations such as hems and grommets

□ List PMS# or target colors

□ Supply a printout of the final layout


Any additional art creation or requested art changes or manipulations will be billed at your hourly rate.